Yi-ling Wo

Website: yilingwo.com

Instagram: @yiling.wo

Email: yiling.wo@gmail.com


In this work presented Wo tells a story about Longing for better shoes, where unfinished un-sellable shoe samples get to live out their lives where they finally become sought after items. Through the aid of recognisable (but ambiguous in origin) motifs of nostalgia such as the Ocarina (see uses in video game franchises such as Zelda, 90s 00s anime theme tunes) Also the format of a durational performance, or at least ‘durational’ in spirit - these unfinished shoes will be desired and consumed repeatedly and forever. The presence of ‘The Sino’ is constant throughout the work.

Yi-ling Wo works in fashion and manufacturing where the price range sits in the specific but not so unique market positioning of ‘affordable luxury’. Her job allows her access into a specific part of the Sino-centric psyche, where consumer habits and tastes are often unique to a region’s thinking. Be it Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Singapore or as far as London, the constant reconfigurations that are revealed are often a result of a regional group in constant negotiation and reevaluation of its place amongst its own cultural and economic integrity as well as compatibility with other expanded globalised ‘western’ forms. 

Yi-ling Wo (b.1991, Hong Kong SAR China) lives and works in London. Wo is interested in nomadic forms of making where the art practice has the option to become more portable, and less dictated by the location of the studio practice. Garment design and making is a part of Wo’s practice.

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