Tyler Eash

Website: tylereash.com

Instagram: @americanwerewolfinlondon


Tyler Eash (b. 1988, Marysville, California, USA) lives and works in London. Prior to his studies at Goldsmiths, Eash practiced both choreography and architecture. The focus of Eash’s research is on authenticity and inauthenticity, as he touches on the paradox of being both queer and working class, of being an artist in the realm of high culture but from low class. His work aims to collapse opposing identities and definitions into the ambiguous, queer and indefinable. Often, he revisits nonfictional trauma in a format of self aware theatre with a full tactful fiction to present works that are half real, half imagined, but fully touching on sincere desire.

Eash has exhibited across both the U.K. and the U.S. with exhibitions and performances primarily in New York, California, and London. His Most recent exhibitions include Mountain, a newly commissioned body of sculpture, video, and performance funded by Arts Council England (London, U.K., 2019), and Allusion to a body no longer present at the Swiss Church and St. Giles Church in the Barbican for Kunstraum Gallery and Block Universe (London, U.K., 2018)

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