Tiz Creel

Website: tizcreel.com

Instagram: @tizcreel, @zitleerc


Come and play!            

I come from the megalopolis of Mexico City, categorised by chaotic, surreal, unique, my background unexpectedly has been a significant aspect of my identity as a person and as an artist as a contrast of what I encountered when moving to the UK for a masters degree in Fine Art. In the past years, my artistic practice has been influenced heavily by the concept of play, participative, games and ludic experiences. The infinite possibilities and applications of play can only be limited by the constraints of our imagination.  I often perform as a facilitator/game master in exhibitions, I encourage people to interact and explore. Despite my technical abilities, play is my medium because experience precedes interpretation. From forms of free-play, Larping, videogames, boardgames, playgrounds, publications and more...I have to continue reinventing myself, my work and my thoughts and only the one who ignores everything are sure of everything.

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Publication “Collection of emotions”

Participative Performance in the Blue Elephant Theatre:  “Breaking The Unknown”