Svetlana Ochkovskaya


Instagram: @svetlanaochk


Through the visual transformation of the human body and creating a disorientated environment in my work I am curious about things that are deemed weird or different. Explore the idea of fantastic, strange and 'other' I produce my own wondrous world of curiosities. Inhabited by a creature, neither human nor alien, real or imaginary, these constructed environments bend the fragile boundaries of our perceived reality.

I would like to deconstruct the normative perception of the human body in familiar spaces. By wearing the full bodysuit or cover myself with different materials, which functions as the illusion of the transformation, I am hiding the presence of my personality, I am masking the race, gender and class. Thus, the transformation of my body affects my understanding of the world, my perception of myself and other. Masquerade helps to transform the visual appearance of the human body, acquiescing of the new identity and reveals the self-unconstrained and fluid.


Svetlana Ochkovskaya is currently studying MFA Fine Art at the Goldsmiths University of London, having graduated with a First Class Honours in BA Fine Art from the Southampton Solent University in 2017. Svetlana has exhibited her work nationally and internationally.  Recently she has been shortlisted for Visual Art Open Prize 2018 and Batsford Prize Award 2019 and 2017. She has been nominated by Aspex Gallery Portsmouth to the shortlist for Platform Graduate Award 2017 and for Best Visual Artist Guide Award Portsmouth 2019 and 2018.  She has completed two-month residency project at Aspex Gallery in January and a month residency at Space/Sticks Gallery in Fareham in July 2018.