Seung-Yeon Seo

Instagram: @blankseo019



Seung-Yeon Seo exposes a silence of individuals by reconstructing social narrative. Through this reconstruction, she breaks the normal narrative and focuses on how social norms and customs affect individuals. She traces an owner of the story and asks ‘normal’ that defined by the narrative. She reinterprets the modern patriarchal conventions and norms particularly by the experience of women and builds a story through it.

Seung-Yeon shows the crack between one who owns a story and doesn’t through the reconstructing <The sorrow of young Werther> with a perspective of Charlotte who is an object of love. A normal and silenced narrative is visualized as the performance of covering whole ordinary spaces and objects by duct tapes. Recently she focuses on ‘romance’ story and asks who owns this ‘romance’. Through performance and video, she reinterprets the narrative of ‘romance’ and brings this question to the audience.