Sam Schmitt


Instagram: @samwmschmitt


Sam Schmitt (b.1990) is a Canadian artist that grew up between city and country. His work in image and installation map the perceptual blindness we bring to problems as vast as the climate crisis. Looking through the emotion and empathy of our shared weather he hopes to create an immersive personal connection to the ecological processes that sustain our lives. 

Recent exhibitions include a large scale installation of flood, tapestry and speciated invasion for his solo exhibition Warms Summers at The Change Room (London), dystopic set direction for a performance series Mass Hysteria (London), and a blanket fort of our aftermath for the UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham. His Installation ShadeShelter earned his position on the short list for the Ivan Juritz Prize, 2019.  He graduated from Concordia University (Montreal) in 2014 and is currently studying at the MFA programme of Goldsmiths University of London.

Schmitt. -Sticks- 2018, 190 x 145 cm, oil and coloured pencil on canvas .jpg