Ross Hammond


Instagram: @hammond.ross


Ross Hammond (b.1987, UK) is a visual artist whose practice is composed around multi-disciplinary research based narratives, including video, performance, sound, objects and photography.

Through installation he explores the notion of class, trauma, identity and the ways in which we attempt to negotiate the world we live in. Through this dialogue, the concentration of personal histories and that of nationalism go hand in hand with the artists working class background and the serious problem of class division in Britain. Alongside these personal motifs, the question of Brexit and nationalism, emit from this discourse. Through the use of humour and theatrics, he toys with the audience, to provoke a questioning of their place within hierarchies, pushing them through a range of emotions, from laughter to vicarious awkwardness, turning into self-projected discomfort and embarrassment. These have taken many forms, performing a lecture as a deceased ancestor, museumifying the artist’s studio, interrupting an art event with an anecdote about a theatre trip with their mum and the problematic social etiquette and removing and restaging the entirety of his father’s living room.

Drawing together visual art language, historicism, with a biographical component that has been intensified, he looks into the ideas of spatial manifestations of memory, blind spots of representation and the idea of place in connection to our own histories or cultural legacies.

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