Rie Toguchi

Website: toguchirie.tumblr.com


Rie Toguchi is a Japanese artist based in London. Toguchi’s multimedia installation works, including painting, sound piece, transferred photography, video and text, explore the structure of human communication by combining folkroric, anthropological and philosophical perspectives together. Her works particularly focus on the fragility of human’s insensible believes; the spirituality of invisible borders, the structure of Japanese pop idols’ culture and the social norms such as understanding for ‘eating’ and ‘sexual intercourse’. Toguchi has been giving several shows recently in alternative places such as “Skin-Contact” in Enclave, “How Come You Never Go There” in 310NXRD in 2019, “When They Flow” in Chisenhale Art Studios in 2018, “GoldX” Goldsmiths, Deptford Studios in 2018, “Documentary of how to face the dead” in Cave Contemporary in 2015. Toguchi is currently studying her MFA Fine Arts degree at Goldsmiths, University of London.