Portia Jiabao Lee

Website: portiajiabao.com

Instagram: @portia__lee

Email: portia_lee@163.com


Portia Jiabao (b. 1995, China) deals in her practice with performance, choreography dance, installation, and she is combining each work into a body theatre. She thinks a lot with the notion of numinous, cosmic, the ethicis of human, the role of contemporary media and artificial intelligence, and how artistic practice makes epistemic claims. Therefore, the work often associated with the sphere of religious creeds, when contextualised and conceptualised in terms of performance reveals a broader and more complex landscape: the horizon of the non-human. The leading thoughts are quite a metaphysical way as Zen and Buddhism rather than the indoctrinated philosophy, among the thoughts around the contradictions between presence and absence, the physical and spiritual, the tangible and the intangible.

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