Nicolas Barrera


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Nicolás Barrera Martínez (b. 1991, Bogotá, Colombia) Nicolás Barrera was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1991. Currently lives in London where he attends the MFA program at Goldsmiths, being the recipient of a Santander Universities scholarship. His last solo exhibiton “Bureau of Corporation for Offices” featured a reconstruction of Walter Gropius’ office at the Bauhaus using pirated Ikea furniture builded out from scrap wood, It was curated by Angélica Fajardo at EnclaveLab. In 2015, he obtained the title of “Maestro en Arte” from the Universidad de los Andes, where he earned a Distinction of Semestral Excellence and a Mention in the Salon Seneca 2014. Also there, in June 2015, he earned a Meritorious Distinction for his degree project “To Think, to Say or To Do”, which revolved around the relationship between work of art, object and image. He was the winner of the PUA VIII Prize of the association of Uniandinos graduates with the project “Active Pause”, which led to the realization of his first solo exhibition. Also, during 2016, he shown the “Remastered” project individually. He has participated in group exhibitions such as “Los cañonazos de la copia” curated by Carolina Cerón at the Centro Colombo Americano Bogotá (2017), “Quality of Life” curated by Paulo Licona and María Adelaida Samper at Espacio KB, Bogotá (2017) and” Camouflaged Art “in Maastricht, Holland (2015). Apart from Colombia, his work has been exhibited in countries such as Cuba, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Parallel to his exhibition activity, he has produced a series of artist books published independently, among which are “Popular Wisdom” and “The Hairy Line”. In addition, he was part of the Workshop-residence on installation and performance (TRIP) held at the ISA, in Havana, Cuba (2013).