Natasha Bird


Instagram: @natashabird


A train carriage moves me along. I entered the mouth, half asleep still. People complain about others using public transport as an extension of the home - eating breakfast, putting on make-up.  I use it to wake up - it is my incubator from bed to work and home again. I am transported through the body of the railway system, and then get excreted out the end, only waking properly as I make my way through tunnels, overpasses over platforms, underpasses under roads - spilling out of circular doors with others. Then dispersing, oozing over the pavements, diverging from the tight sticky tube - the mass of viscous people I was squashed up against for the last hour.

Natasha Bird is a London-based artist. Residencies, projects and shows include The Polder as a Cyborg, Cultureland, Amsterdam, Testbed Alice at The Old Waterworks, Southend, and Rose Tower at the Kennington Residency, London.

Natasha Bird, Embankment.jpg