Lydia Wong


Instagram: @lyds.wong


Lydia is an artist based in London, UK.  While developing her art practice, Lydia has also worked as a solicitor, illustrator, illustration tutor, set designer, curator and adviser in refugee and special educational needs rights. Drawing from her creative background and passion in working as an adviser, Lydia's practice offers narrative rich work questioning systemic structures. She was awarded the V&A Museum's Student Illustration Award for an illustrated narrative concerning censorship and nationalism in China. She currently works across installation, sculpture, video, writing and performance.

My practice currently investigates measurement, in particularly how we measure the seemingly immeasurably and notions of objectivity therein. This investigation originated in my work “CHUNK” (2016) which explores the scientific definition of the kilogram being dematerialised from a physical artefact to an algorithm. Once thought to be absolute, the physical kilogram was no longer considered objective as despite our best scientific ingenuity, all material changes. My installation “Mind Your Ts&Ds” (2018) discusses how the journey of measurement has been fettered with absurdity, from the moment man has tried to fix nature into measurable absolutes.

I am interested in our ongoing quest for objectivity and how this relates to the self. As we have digitised the definition of a kilogram objectivity moves away from the object - however, the very thing it seeks to define, mass, has no meaning apart from in the physical world. This mirrors the current trend of our quest for the quantified self. We seek to objectively measure the self with trackers and our desirability in social media algorithms, rendering what was traditionally immeasurable (the perfect person) into comparable digital formats. As our ability to measures become finer, objectivity becomes no closer.

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