Liz Calvi


Instagram: @liz_calvi


Liz Calvi (b. 1990 Hartford, USA) lives and works between London and NYC. Critical concerns regarding performance, sexuality and identity construction through media images fuels my practice.

I examine the mythic nature of American ideals and fantasies, specifically regarding how women’s sexuality and identity are performed in cinema. From an American lens spanning Hollywood’s Golden Age to present day, I am interested in how visual depictions are constantly being recycled, reconfigured and perpetuated now in a digital sphere, and furthermore how these depictions serve as touchstones for identity creation and a collective memory.

In my photographs & videos, I merge autobiographical, intimate displays of subjectivity with staged visual depictions of women from cinema to explore the impact that collective cultural memories have on the psyche. In my writing, I merge pop culture references & female character archetypes with autobiographical narratives that vacillate between alignment and rejection. I use visual and verbal language to simultaneously expose the tension & pleasure in inhabiting identifiable roles for the self & a collective.

I position myself within these mediums to encourage the creation of digital self-fiction for reflexive uses. Akin to transference in psychoanalysis, I believe that image making and writing can be used as a surrogate to the therapist so that the plethora of content creators can better see and understand themselves. I believe this way of seeing and creating the self can yield healthier ways to view the self-entwined with a collective.