Irene’s research moves from literary and philosophical references (Bachelard, Deleuze, Grosz) to an interest in theories of quantum physics (Barbour, Penrose) and aims to investigate the theme of the relationship between two bodies, especially human, and plumb the world of possibility and how it can be represented. She question the feelings we have when we enter into a relationship with a body close to us: we feel a sort of potential charge, an almost constrained and expectant energy between bodies that accompanies the existing relationship of matter in space. The reflection on this invisible and ineffable element of the relationship then moves a fundamental question on the importance and weight of this invisible.

The goal of Irene's practice is therefore to communicate a different ontological vision of the relationship with the other. The attempt is to overtake a dualistic view of reality and therefore a division between Body and Thought that has led today to the development of a materialist and reductionist vision of reality. The way in which we approach the theme of the relationship with the other, the importance we can give to the incorporeal created by an encounter and that moves towards a change of the bodies themselves, is finally fundamental for an ethical change in the way we relate with everything that is the Other.

Irene works with different media, like with video, sound and site-specific interventions in order to modify the space and create environments that have to be personally experienced.