Ga-in Kim


Instagram: @g_a_i_n_k



Ga-in Kim is a London-based artist who makes installation, video and sound works. Her work begins with a question about how individuals function in society, penetrating into the contradictions and absurdities in the rules and taboos of hidden systems. Most of her work examines the subliminal stories and the floating images behind them, in contrast to the naked truth. Consequently, the goal is not to offer any powerful alternatives, rather, the purpose is to consider the meaning of the invisible contexts that have been obscured in reality. Under this premise, her situational space is a third object, and operates as a medium to expand her questions and concepts of existence and boundaries. At the same time, her objects - leaking fish tanks, melting lectern, and teleprompter - simulate unstable boundaries in space, and provoke contemplation of more absurd and paradoxical situations. Through the theatrical situations, she throws the problematic consciousness to the viewers and induces them to interact in her strategy. To do this, the work uses a method of revealing mixed installations including sound and real-time video